Cracow - special offer

Take a photo journey through Old and New Krakow.

      We offer photo workshops and photo-tours under the trained eye of photo – artist Wlodzimierz Planeta in the Old Town Krakow as well as off the beaten track. The individual and group workshops feature 5-12 people and we offer the following locations:
  1. Krakow city centre, the tower of the Jesuits church
  2. Kazimierz – the Jewish district of Krakow
  3. Monastery of the Camaldoleses in Bielany
  4. Monastery of the Benedictines in Tyniec
  5. Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki
  6. Monastery of the Resurrected in Zakrzowek
Additionally, we offer the following choice of the workshops time and hours:
  1. 8.00 – 11.00 and 19.00 – 22.00 ( totally 7hrs)
  2. 4 hrs before the noon (by appointment)
  3. 4 hrs afternoon (by appointment)
Information and reservation EWA RODEN
0048 501 572 460