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About us

      The "Krąg" Association for licensed city guides in Kraków was established in 1995. It is our love for this beautiful city that brings us together: a city of arts, science and universities; the former capital of Poland; a city which figures on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Our wish is to let you feel the unforgettable atmosphere of this unique city.
      It is with this great passion for Krakow that we offer you our professional services as city guides in Kraków, tour leaders and interpreters.
We price our services depending on the length of your stay, number of participants and places that you would like to visit. You will find that our prices are competitive and we are open to negotiations.
      Kraków is a unique destination, an exceptional place. Thank you for selecting to visit it. Choose us to make your stay in Kraków a wonderful experience full of memories that you will enjoy coming back to.
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